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Steel Cage Match
Blackwell vs. Real Deal Michael Reaver w/ Simon Paige

With the volatile nature of this rivalry confined within the unforgiving walls of a steel cage surrounding the ring, the well-beings of both Blackwell and the Real Deal Michael Reaver are at stake. For the last six months the feud between these two former stablemates within The Uprising. Manager Simon Paige vowed that when Blackwell defected from the faction, he made the one mistake that would cost him his career. At WrestleRama 24, the Real Deal—a nearly 20 year veteran in the organization—looks to make good on Paige’s promise when he steps into a cage with the largest superstar in the MWO today.

Michael Reaver reigned as the MWO Champion late last year, winning the championship at SummerSmash. After a controversial rematch between Reaver and former champ John Campbell at Trick-or-Slam, The Uprising embarked on a vicious attack on Campbell. Blackwell, who had been one of most prolific members of the faction, turned his aggression on Reaver. Laying out the champion saw the fans rally around Blackwell as he made a bid for the Real Deal’s title at Christmas Clash. A disqualification victory gave Blackwell a win but not the title. After Reaver was suspended and stripped of the MWO Title, a six-pack challenge was held that saw Blackwell start the new year with a new reign as MWO Champion. His time with the belt was cut short at the Bunkhouse Brawl, when Reaver made a shocking appearance in costing Blackwell the championship against Jacob Brawn. A six-man tag team match on March 18 at The Bridge saw The Uprising defeat the trio of Blackwell, THEE Cody Leedy, and Old School Ric Caurdiea, which only fueled Paige’s claims of dominance over Blackwell and the rest of the MWO. The announcement of a cage match between Blackwell and Reaver, made public in a live address by organization announcer Hal, has been met with a great deal of anticipation and intrigue and the fact that it will kick off WrestleRama 24 makes this a match that will likely have MWO fans talking for quite some time.

BLACKWELL: Patience and power will be Blackwell’s best friends heading into the Steel Cage Match at WrestleRama 24. Reaver will no doubt use his speed to his advantage but if Blackwell is able to pick his spot where Reaver slips up, the match’s conclusion will be seen shortly. Blackwell is the largest superstar in the MWO and is also one of the most powerful. Using a cage as his ally will only intensify the pain that he intends to inflict on Reaver. Blackwell’s title win in January proved that he didn’t need The Uprising’s help to become a major success. But in his mind, he needs this victory over the Real Deal just as much personally and he does professionally.
MICHAEL REAVER: The confines of a cage all but eliminates the chance of help from The Uprising, but make no mistake about it, Real Deal Michael Reaver is as dangerous as any superstar who has competed in the MWO. You name it, he’s wrestled them. Going into what is on paper as a no-win situation, Reaver seemingly flourishes in these types of situations. No one expected he would be a major main event player in 2018, nearly two decades after his 2000 debut, but last year, he not only become a major player, he became the champion, proving Reaver is still a force in the ring. The Real Deal knows he’ll have to wear down the big powerhouse, and the longer the match goes, the better it is for Reaver. He’ll come to WrestleRama with a plan. Whether it works or not remains to be seen until April 15.