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MWO Championship Title Match:
Champion Jacob Brawn w/ Jessica Monroe vs. Challenger The Superstar Alex Crow

For Brawn, it’s his MWO Championship title that he won from Blackwell at the Bunkhouse Brawl in February, which is also where the Superstar emerged from a field of 32 superstars to win the Brawl battle royal to earn a shot at the championship at WrestleRama 24. In Crow’s case, winning the title is almost secondary to his motivation of revenge against Brawn, his former tag team partner, and his long-time executive assistant Jessica Monroe.

This time last year, Jacob Brawn and the Superstar Alex Crow joined forces to form The Bromance, a hughly despised tag team that would eventually climb to the top of the division with an MWO Tag Team title win at Slam-a-Thon last June. Their subsequent losses at SummerSmash and Trick-or-Slam would ultimately spell the end for The Bromance tandem. Brawn viciously attacked Crow, who would be sidelined by his injuries sustained in the betrayal. Even more shocking was Jessica Monroe’s involvement in the Superstar’s injuries as she revealed her new allegiance solely with Brawn. Crow’s return and focus on Brawn was already a heated issue even before the stakes were risen by the outcomes in the two marquee matches at the Bunkhouse Brawl. Not only are Brawn and Crow finally going to settle their differences in the ring in an actual match, it will happen under the brightest spotlight shone in the Michigan Wrestling Organization—a main event showdown on the promotion’s most respected tradition, WrestleRama.

JACOB BRAWN: The two-time MWO Champion is in the driver’s seat as far as momentum goes. His last interaction with The Superstar resulted in Crow being taken back to a medical facility for immediate attention to an already-wounded challenger. Brawn is very smart and he will likely waste little time in zeroing in on Crow’s injury. If Brawn dictates the tempo of the match and is able to slowly wear down Crow, he should have no problem in retaining the championship. Another huge advantage for Brawn is Jessica Monroe in his corner. Monroe knows as much about Crow as anyone after spending the first few years of their respective careers in the organization as a power couple who bent or outright broke any and all rules to ensure success for their camp.
ALEX CROW: In order for the No.1 contender to ascend to the top of the MWO as the champion, he’s going to have to find a way to end the match sooner rather than later. The Superstar is injured and there’s virtually no way he will be 100% come April 15. But Crow’s drive and determination makes him a serious threat, perhaps the most dangerous challenge for Brawn’s title reign as any other contender. Crow’s low center of gravity and submission background will be major contributors in a way to keep Brawn on top of his toes. The one thing that could prevent Crow from the revenge he badly seeks is his inability to keep his anger in check. A focused Alex Crow is tough to beat, and if Brawn takes him lightly because of the injury, we could see a new MWO Champion at WrestleRama 24.