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Jason “The Basher” Clouse vs. The Fabulous Scotty Fraytown w/Positive Promotions

It will be a matter of pride on the line when, for the first time ever in a one-on-one match, Jason “the Basher” Clouse will compete against Positive Promotions member The Fabulous Scotty Fraytown. But the growing animosity between these two superstars is reaching a fevered pitch, and their confrontation at WrestleRama 24 is generating just as much buzz as the MWO Championship and Steel Cage matches that headlining the card.

Jason “The Basher” Clouse and his brother, Pure Fury Jeff Clouse, had to relinguish their MWO Tag Team championship due to PF’s injuries preventing the team from being able to defend the titles. A tournament was held to crown new champions, with the finals taking place at Christmas Clash. The eventual final match saw the Dean Boys battle Fraytown and Promotions stablemate JJ Hughes for the vacant titles. Much to the chagrin of Positive Promotions, the Basher was selected as a guest referee for the match. The Deans won the match and the titles, but instead of blaming the brothers for their downfall, Positive Promotions—specifically Fraytown—focused their anger at Clouse. During the Bunkhouse Brawl match, Clouse was the last entry into the battle royal. Among the several superstars he eliminated from the match was the Fabulous Fraytown, who was enraged by his ouster and aided in the Basher’s elimination from the battle royal. Things turned physical on March 18, when the Promotions stormed the ring and encited a brawl that saw Fraytown and the Basher fighting all the way to the back. Later in the same show, Fraytown was poised to regain the MWO Great Lakes title from Bam Grizzlee when he was distracted by Clouse’s entrance music playing and was rolled up by Grizzlee for the pin. The bad blood between the Basher and Fraytown will see its first real confrontation on the biggest stage the Michigan Wrestling Organization has to offer.

JASON “THE BASHER” CLOUSE: WrestleRama is traditionally where Jason Clouse shines the brightest. In victory or defeat, the Icon of the Michigan Wrestling Organization has put in his greatest efforts at WrestleRama. He is the only active roster member to have competed at every WrestleRama event since its inception in 1995. Clouse will prove to be successful if he sticks with what he knows, a smash-mouth type of offense that has rattled many a superstar in the organization. As long as he stays vertical, the Basher is more effective. A history of knee injuries are beginning to wreak havoc on the Hall of Famer, and if he knocked down and Fraytown focuses on the bad wheel, WrestleRama 24 will be a bad day for the Basher.
THE FABULOUS SCOTTY FRAYTOWN: Fraytown has had some memorable matches against some of the greatest names in the organization. But with Jason “the Basher” Clouse, the Fabulous One will be competing against a guy is part of the very foundation the MWO is built upon. If there was a “Mr. WrestleRama,” it would likely be Clouse. But Fraytown has never been one to be star struck. His confidence in his own abilities and star power has both helped and hinder the former Great Lakes champion. As long as Fraytown can remain focused on the task at hand, he will be hard to beat. It would be difficult to find anyone in the MWO who is more on their game right now than Scotty Fraytown. A win over Clouse at WrestleRama would likely elevate the Fabulous Fraytown to a place in the main event picture knocking on the door of an MWO Championship title opportunity.