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Old School Ric Caurdiea vs. Brother Will Vendetta w/ Simon Paige

The very future of the MWO Championship title division may hang in the balance when Old School Ric Caurdiea battles The Uprising’s Brother Will Vendetta at WrestleRama 24. In order to secure this highly-anticipated showdown, Vendetta has agreed to put his guaranteed MWO Title opportunity on the line, a prize that “Old School” has said he deserves a legitimate opportunity at. With the Title Shot Contract, the holder can redeem his chance at any given time before this December’s Christmas Clash to secure an immediate or predetermined date for a shot at the heavyweight championship.

This match coming to be can be traced back to Christmas Clash this past December. Old School Ric Caurdiea was slated to be part of the Secret Santa Match, where the winner would receive a contract for a guaranteed shot at the MWO Championship at their discretion within one year. Hours before the Clash began, it was learned that Caurdiea was not able to compete in the match, but had won a previous match to solidify a spot in the match. Eventually, Brother Will Vendetta would pull off a major upset to win the contract. Upon “Old School’s” return to action, he made his claim to an opportunity to a title shot but was mocked by Vendetta and the rest of The Uprising. Tensions between Vendetta and Caurdiea rose with a series of online videos by the rivals. The match was made by interim commissioner Jeff Clouse, adding the stipulation that the title shot contract will be up for grabs. Vendetta scored a major boost in momentum when he pinned “Old School” in a six-man tag match during an MWO Wrestling Live event on March 18.

OLD SCHOOL RIC CAURDIEA: What makes Ric Caurdiea a top superstar in the Michigan Wrestling Organization is his approach to the ring. He’s a throwback to when matches were won on the mat with a ground-and-pound mentality that would physically overpower an opponent. You won’t see a lot of high risk maneuvers from “Old School” but what you will see is a superstar who is as tough as they come. He’s powerful and he’s quick. He can hook up an opponent for his patented neckbreaker in an instant and once his opponent knows what hit him, he’s looking up at Caurdiea’s hand been risen in victory.
BROTHER WILL VENDETTA: Like all members of The Uprising heading into battle at WrestleRama 24, Brother Will Vendetta and faction creator Simon Paige will have a plan in place for Caurdiea. Vendetta is among the most talented superstars in the MWO and up until he won the Secret Santa Match, he wasn’t gaining much momentum. But that changed after Christmas Clash as did his confidence. Brother Vendetta may preach the gospel, but once the bell rings, his ferociousness is hard to combat against. Many believe that Vendetta is the next breakout star in the MWO, and with Paige guiding him through the waters of the MWO, WrestleRama 24 may be where Vendetta is finally looked upon as a major threat to the MWO Title.