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THEE Cody Leedy vs. Cesar Ashur w/ The Uprising

Two of the brightest superstars in the Michigan Wrestling Organization, both of whom are looking to win championship honors this year, will square off at WrestleRama 24 in a one-on-one match that could conceivably steal the show. Former MWO Champion THEE Cody Leedy and The Uprising’s Cesar Ashur will compete in a match that will be a major step in the right direction for whomever wins this match.

THEE Cody Leedy’s issues with The Uprising date back to last spring, where a major feud between he and Blackwell started to take shape. At SummerSmash, in a high profile match between the two, Leedy was defeated by the big man, but that didn’t stop the feud with The Uprising, but rather shifted Leedy’s attention to other members such as Michael Reaver and Brother Will Vendetta. Now, it’s Cesar Ashur, the brash young upstart who is looking to make a name for himself while at the same time help The Uprising maintain their position as the dominant group in the MWO. The two have had altercations at previous live events, such as the Bunkhouse Brawl and in a March 18 six-man tag match where Ashur’s squad defeated the team that Leedy was on.

THEE CODY LEEDY: For whatever reason, THEE Cody Leedy is one superstar who is often overlooked by fans as a major threat to a championship. His cunning approach and mixture of power and submission attacks makes him a major contender to whatever title he chooses to pursue. In order for Cody earn a much-needed win here, he needs to focus exclusively on Ashur and not on the antics of The Uprising. Leedy’s differences with manager Simon Paige has often led to Cody’s downfall, but on the grand stage of WrestleRama, that has to be taken out of the equation. If Leedy can use Ashur’s momentum against him, he’ll stand a better chance at scoring a major singles win.
CESAR ASHUR: The Uprising member is like a tank, he moves in one direction with the sole purpose of destroying anyone in his way. But that can also be a weakness for the young upstart. Cesar is very intense in his demenour in the ring. While he can match power with the best of them in the MWO, he’s also caused himself some hang ups along the way. Since joining The Uprising and learning from Simon Paige, Ashur has been even more dangerous in the ring. Having one of the MWO’s most dominant groups watching his back have proved valuable for Cesar, but he’s going to have to rely on his own abilities if he hopes to knock off one of the most successful and prolific superstars in the Michigan Wrestling Organization.