6259 Richfield Rd. between Belsay Rd & Irish Rd.

Title for Title Match
MWO Great Lakes Champion Bam Grizzlee vs. MWO Television Champion A. Wicked

In a rarity for the Michigan Wrestling Organization, two championships will be on the line in one match. And in the latest chapter in the history of MWO Title for Title matches, two of the organization’s most beloved superstars will put their respect and friendship to the side in an attempt to walk away from WrestleRama 24 as a dual titleholder. Bam Grizzlee puts his MWO Great Lakes championship up against the MWO Television title, currently held by A. Wicked.

The road to the Title for Title Match at WrestleRama 24 is the shortest among all other matches that are scheduled for April 15 at the Richfield Road Church. After successful title reigns by both champions up to this point, interim commissioner Pure Fury Jeff Clouse made headlines when he sanctioned this match following Wicked’s title defense in a fatal four-way match on April 7 in the main event of a Slammin’ Saturday Night broadcast on ONTV. Its uncommon for two fan-favorites, especially two as popular as Grizzlee and Wicked, to square off in such a high-profile match at a WrestleRama, but in making the match, PF said he wanted the best show possible for WrestleRama 24, and a Grizzlee vs. Wicked bout where the winner takes both titles is a main event caliber match.

BAM GRIZZLEE: The “Bammer” made headlines at WrestleRama 23 last year, winning the TV title in a battle royal. But after his reign was cut short, he shifted his focus on the Great Lakes title and eventually won the belt at Trick-or-Slam. Since then, Grizzlee has mowed through the competition with his grit and determination, two qualities that have made him among the MWO’s most beloved superstars. In order to retain the Great Lakes title while regaining the TV belt, Grizzlee is going to have to find a way to keep A. Wicked grounded. Known for his top rope attacks, Wicked is dangerous when he takes to the air. If Bam can thwart any momentum from an aerial assault from the TV champion, he will have a better chance at securing his second WrestleRama title win in a row.
A. WICKED: In contrast to a strategy of sorts for Grizzlee, A. Wicked will likely have to rely on speed, agility, and his top rope arsenal to keep Bam rattled. Grizzlee is more vulnerable if he is kept on the mat and unable to regain his senses quick enough, something that plays into the gameplan of the Television champion, who is known for taking many risks in order to achieve victory. Using his body as a weapon, Wicked is not afraid to take the fight to Bam, but his best course of action is to have a fast-tempo style coming into WrestleRama 24.