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Fatal 4-Way for the MWO Tag Team Championship
Champions The Dean Boys vs. Fat Tony & Adrian Anderson
vs. Valor Society vs. Rex Havoc & Laura Phoenix

Quite simply, the Tag Team championship of the Michigan Wrestling Organization is the undisputed goal of the three teams involved in this match. With the titles comes the credibility of being the absolute best tandem in the organization. WrestleRama has seen some incredible tag title matches in its history, but no other championship match has had the dynamic that this four-corner showdown brings to the annals of WrestleRama.

Three of these tag teams have been among the most consistent and successful duos in the last few years. A fourth team added to the mix is new to the division but their bond exceeds the longevity of half of the field heading into this Tag Team championship match. Two of the tandems—the Valor Society and Fat Tony & Adrian Anderson-- have had their opportunities to win the MWO Tag Team titles, but for the cases of the Valor Society and the hulking tandem of “Big A” & Fat Tony, the brass ring continues to elude them. For Tyler & Tyson Dean, their moment came when they finally won the titles at Christmas Clash, winning the finals of a tournament to become champions. On that same night, Anderson and Fat Tony seemingly ended their ongoing rivalry with the Valor Society in a Solitary Confinement Match. With their win, Anderson and Tony prepared to dominate the Deans and take the titles, however a disqualification gave the win to Tyler and Tyson. Meanwhile, DJ Edwards & Loco, coming off that big loss at Christmas Clash got right back into the title hunt and was awarded a title shot against the Dean Boys in a competitive match until both tandems were jumped by Anderson and Tony, who then challenged the Dean Boys to a title match at WrestleRama. The Valor Society took exception and said that the attack cost them their chance to win the titles at The Bridge in Flint. And in a shocking announcement, the duo of Rex Havoc & Laura Phoenix have been added to the match to make this a truly historic Fatal 4-Way Match. Now all four teams will have their chance to finally decide who the best tag team in the MWO truly is.

DEAN BOYS: As usual the reigning MWO Tag Team champions are coming into a match as the clear underdogs in the contest. But what they lack in size, Tyler & Tyson more than make up in their quick, high impact offense and teamwork that has kept them on top of the tag team division. The champions’ best bet is to let the other two teams battle it out, but keep an eye on the action. The Deans do not have to be involved in the decision in order to lose the titles, which puts them in an even bigger disadvantage. But when the Dean Boys have their backs up against the wall, they come out fighting and more often than not in recent months, they have emerged victorious.
ANDERSON & FAT TONY: Isolation of one of the other tag team members and frequent tags to keep the opponent grounded will result in Adrian Anderson and Fat Tony to finally capture the MWO Tag Team championship. Being the biggest team in the match makes them the biggest targets, so if they can keep a Dean Boy or a Valor Society member in their corner, it won’t take long for new champs to be crowned.
VALOR SOCIETY: DJ Edwards & Loco are not favored to win this match, and many may consider them a sidebar to the feud between the Dean Boys and Fat Tony & Adrian Anderson. But that’s when the Valor Society has been at its most dangerous. Edwards and Loco have untapped talent that is on the brink of taking the Valor Society to the next level in the tag team division. Plotting their spots of attack and engaging in a stick-and-move format, the Valor Society has a legitimate chance of making a major impact in this match and in the future of the tag team division.
REX HAVOC & LAURA PHOENIX: This is the wild card team in the match. While Havoc and Phoenix are as connected outside the ring as they are around it, their teamwork in a competitive match remains in question. Still, if history is any indication, Rex and Laura will likely complement each other well in this match. Given the nature of four-corner matches, they may not be considered a major threat, but anything can happen in the Michigan Wrestling Organization. Especially at WrestleRama. What a lot of people tend to forget is that Havoc and Phoenix are no strangers to teaming up for battle at WrestleRama. The power couple defeated Victor Cross and Mr. Positive at WrestleRama 21 in 2015. Capitalize on Havoc’s power and Laura’s ground game, and they could become iconic tag champs.