EDITOR'S NOTE: The Great Debate is a test run for a potential new feature at mwoonnline.net. Periodically, two members of the Michigan Wrestling Organization editorial staff will debate their arguments on a series of topics. Sometimes, they'll agree, but probably more often then not, they could engage in a war of words.


MWO Editor-in-Chief, 
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PRATT: Absolutely not. The Creature Feature John Campbell is one of the MWO’s greatest superstars, maybe of all time. He has spent the better part of two years as the MWO Champion. How many other people can say that? Consider this, Campbell has competed all over the country in venues small and large. But he makes the MWO his home. Can anyone really say that just because he lost the title at SummerSmash, he’s done? Just like after his first reign ended at Christmas Clash, the Creature Feature has the opportunity to challenge Michael Reaver with his rematch clause. I fully expect that John will make the most of his rematch.

WILLIAMS: You cannot just assume that John Campbell is going to regain the MWO Title from the Real Deal Michael Reaver. Fact is, Reaver is coming off a long drought of being the “man”  in the MWO and the Uprising is not going to just lie down for Campbell, regardless of his accolades elsewhere. Okay, he took the belt back from Jacob Brawn after Brawn dethroned him in December. But, and this is no disrespect towards Brawn—Reaver is a different kind of animal. Whereas Brawn was alone in his title defense, Reaver has a small army watching his back. And that is a huge psychological advantage for the champ.

PRATT: But we’re talking about a guy who talks to a mascot in the form of a Halloween candy bucket. What kind of “psychological” advantage could Reaver possibly have against Campbell? History has shown that Campbell rises to the occasion in big match situations. And a rematch is a big deal for John. Because who knows when he’ll get another title shot should he lose to Reaver again.

WILLIAMS: I’ll somewhat agree with you for once. But I’ll go one further and say that Campbell is in a must-win situation. If he fails to win the title back, he’s going to fall far down the ladder. There is a whole crop of superstars who are on the cusp of breaking into the main event picture. A stumble by John Campbell opens up a huge opportunity for the next contender in line. So, if Campbell is known for delivering in big match, high stress  situations, he’s going to have to here.


WILLIAMS: I’ll start this one, “boss.” Jack Teryn is going to be the MWO Champion one day. Many can criticize the amount of time it’s taken for him to get gain some traction. But c’mon! The guy just pinned Skullz at SummerSmash. When you can cleanly pin one of the mainstays of the MWO on a major supercard, that’s doing something major to help your cause of being looked at as a top contender. In addition, he challenged John Campbell to a series of title matches in recent months. Teryn is strong and mysterious. He’s going to quietly become the No.1 contender and then finally people will take him seriously.

PRATT: There’s no denying the talent Jack Teryn has. He’s going to become a big star in time. But as of now, he’s seen his best success as part of the Sinister Prophets tag team with Stitches McVey. His singles career seems to be stuck in neutral. However, his win over Skullz was a big boost for the reasons you described, Wildman. But there seems to be something missing from completing the total package that could send Teryn to the main event picture on a consistent basis. When he was part of the Prophets, Teryn was a different kind of monster once the bell sounded.

WILLIAMS: If you think Teryn is satisfied with one victory over a 20-plus-year broken down veteran, you’re sorely mistaken. This is just the start of Teryn’s path of terror through the MWO.