Greetings From Central Florida


f you have received my beacon signal please QSL by selecting the "Beacon Signal Report" link on the "Left-Side" of this page or you may email me at my email listed here.


One of the many things I do to help the amateur radio hobby is to operate and maintain a "propagation beacon" station. There are many such stations located around the world that are operated by other amateur radio operators. Simply stated: A propagation beacon station constantly transmits a signal using morse code (CW) on a specific frequency. If an amateur radio operator or short wave listener hears a beacon coming from another part of the world it usually means that they can either hear, or in the case of an amateur radio operator talk to, stations operating from the same area as the beacon they monitored.

 Technical Data

10 Meter Frequency: 28.214MHz

10 Meter Transmitter Power Output: 5 watts 

                                      Transmitter: Yaesu FT-450D Radio

Current Status: "ON AIR"
Grid Square EM70jt
10 Meter Antenna: Vertical - Cushcraft

10 Meter Antenna Height: 4.5 meters (15 feet)

Keyer: Commercial Com. Spec ID-8

                My QSL email address is:



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