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Welcome to the N.Y.F.K. Sport Center website. Our students are taught Southern Shaolin Style such as, Dragon and Lion Dancing, as well as traditional Hung Gar martial arts, Wing Chun, Tam Gar Sang-Tsin, but most importantly true honest values.

Dragon and Lion Dancing require numerous people to perform. There are various types of footsteps which are matched by the movements of lion heads and lion tails. Also, In order to perform lion dancing marvelously, the lion dancing should be matched by the sounds of the drums simultaneously. Through proper training, the above elements teach our students the values of Teamwork.

Traditional martial arts teach students fighting techniques and forms, but importantly, about Discipline, Self-confidence, Self control and the importance of Strong moral values. Through martial arts, students learn how to combine the mind, body, and spirit as one.


Knowledge: Knowledge cannot be deceptive towards others
Compassion: Compassion should not be agonized
Bravery: Bravery does not fret of anything


1. Humanity: To accomplish the capability through ethical, rational, and physical training
2. Nature: To value others as you would value yourself through fairness and truthfulness
3. Consideration: The human race corresponds through equality and sincerity
4. Language and Performance: An individual’s presence is judged by his/her use of words and actions
5. Responsibility: To acknowledge every given oath
6. Encouragement: To extend your skill to others
7. Righteousness: To be neutral against a fair dealing
8. Assistance: To serve others with respect
9. Poverty: To feel merciful to those who are in need
10. Organization: To care for each other as a relative


1. I will honor the values of Fat Keung and obey my Sifu.

2. I will respect my instructor and treat my classmates as family.

3. I will not dishonor my association or Sifu.

4. I will not use my martial arts training to harass other.

5. My main intention of learning martial arts is to train the body, mind and spirit as one and to promote Chinese culture to others.







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