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Group Cooking Class


Our group cooking classes are casual and a fun way to learn new, tasty recipes in a social atmosphere. Each class is two to three hours long and covers the preparation of three unique Mj Creations dishes.  Food samples, custom recipes, nutritional information, and tips and tricks for easy meal preparation are shared throughout the class. All classes are 100% vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, and soy-free. Check out our schedule a custom on-site group, business or organization. Our upcoming cooking class calendar is listed below.

Yes it's true! If you have an open kitchen/home that could accommodate a group cooking class, and you'd like to host one, get in touch! Our mission is to bring good people together over delicious plant-based cooking. We take care of everything from class sign up to clean up.  It's completely a great way to meet other people who also want to eat well without sacrificing taste. . Minimum number of participants is 20, If you're interested please check out our available class dates and class themes 

Cost $25.00 per person or $45.00 per couple ( 2 hours)

Monday -Feb 23th- 6:30- 8:30 PM

Sunday - April 12th - 2:00- 4:00 PM

Class Location: Cook N' Nook 2753 Dogtown Road Goochland VA 23103

Contact Marie 804-306-5528



Fall Harvest Homemade Applesauce
*Rosemary Roasted Beet Tart with Sunflower Seed Chive "Cheese"
*Traditional Potato Pierogies with Caramelized Onions and Vegan Sour Cream
*Our Famous Flourless Chocolate Cake

 Tuscan Quinoa with Garlic Fried Chickpeas, Basil & Arugula
* Grilled Marguerite Thin Crust Pizzas 
* Cherry Tomato Bruschetta Burgers
* Black Bean Burger

Creamy Israeli Style Hummus with Cumin and Paprika
*Flat bread Salad with Pomegranate Molasses Dressing
*Oven Baked Sesame and Herb Falafel





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