How to Care for Your Tree

"Fresh Tree Certified"



Lets start with what "Fresh Tree Certified" means.

From the time our trees are cut to the time you put them in your car or truck the tree has been meticulously cared for, by making sure it has been drinking water and will continue drinking water.


Have you seen trees stacked in piles at large Retail Lots and Stores?

These trees are NOT FRESH TREE CERTIFIED !!!

If you are getting a stand, we'll re-cut the tree again to ensure that everything has been done to allow you to have a beautiful Christmas Tree.

Please remember that the cambium layer, the thin area just below the bark is the area that allows your tree to drink water.  If this area seals up because it has become dry, the tree will no longer drink.  The tree will then start to loose it's moisture.

1.  Please be careful where the tree is placed.

If you have a heating vent that blows on the tree, or the room is warm, close the vent and be very aware that the tree could drink up to 6 quarts of water in 1 day.  Check the water level daily especially when your tree is first brought into the new warmer envirornment.

2. Check the water level.

Make sure that the tree pan has not run out of water. If it has, you can take a sharp knife and cut around the bark, exposing the cambium layer BELOW the water line.  Remember if the water falls below the new cut it will stop absorbing water.


Now it is up to you!!!


We then transport those trees to the display areas, where they are then placed in green water pans.  We check the water nightly to ensure that the trees are in water until you pick that perfect tree.

We then, immediately, re-cut the trunks and place them in huge holding tanks that are filled with water.  In the event the weather is a little warmer we also have misters that help to keep the humidity up around the trees.

Silveyville has a special relationship with our growers, this allows us the ability to have the trees cut just 2 days before we receive them here at the Farm.

Our Farm was one of the first to promote and ensure that our trees are "Fresh Tree Certified".  To you the customer it means that your tree, when leaving this Farm is as fresh as possible.


An experience that just keeps growing and changing.