Wreaths Centerpieces and Boughs


You can choose from our Signature Wreath, which is mixture Noble Fir and Incense Cedar decorated with cones, berries and a bow; or have a wreath custom made with additional ornaments, different color bows; or a plain wreath without any decoration if you choose.


As you can see there are several sizes of wreaths available, and can be custom made up to 5 feet in diameter. We can't even begin to picture all the we can provide.

We have been creating wreaths for 30 years! So ask, you might be surprised how we can make you that SPECIAL wreath.

In addition to wreaths, we also have Cedar Garland, Noble and Cedar boughs, as well as gorgeous Center Pieces.


After each wreath is created, it is dipped in a special preservative polmer, that helps to retain it's moisture, look, and feel throughout the entire Christmas season and beyond.  If kept outside, customers have had their wreaths last well into the following March!!

Jeri and her staff have taken great pride in the quality and consistency of the Christmas decorations created for your home. They are unique in the care and preparation that each wreath receives.

An experience that just keeps growing and changing.