New Activites




We have many new activities this year for all ages, ranging in prices.

We still have many no-cost activities, just to name a few:


  • Musical farm tunes

  • Log playground

  • Walking our animal path

  • Large magnetic blocks

  • Pumpkin painting when you purchase a pumpkin (any size any amount)


    Our New Activities this year and prices:

    Pumpkin Village: $5

    This is a village geared for ages up to 7 years old. Inside the village, we have many different activities for the kids, along with benches and sitting areas for the adults. Some of the activities that are inside the village are:


  • Silveyville Peaks, a climbing hill with slides

  • 2 corn baths

  • Pretend Farmers Market and Chicken Coop

  • Pirate area

  • Bouncing animals and

  • Many more fun activities


    Pumpkin Kingdom: $5

    This is a kingdom geared for ages 7 years old and up. Inside the kingdom are many fun activities.

    Just to name a few:

  • Bottle Flipping

  • Large Corn Bath

  • Giant slide

  • Giant Haystack for climbing

  • Tennis ball sling

  • Many more fun activities


    Duck Ride: $2

    This ride will take you back to visit and feed our ducks. Food is provided with this ride


    ATV Train: $4


    This is our famous ATV Train for all ages. It is a train full of small ATV's pulled by a large ATV. This ride is a blast, we take you all around the farm and there are multiple different routes. One ride could be different from the next.


    Children under 42" must ride with an adult.

    * No charge for accompaning adult IF child is under 42".




  • An experience that just keeps growing and changing.