School Tours

Over the last 34 years Silveyville Christmas Tree and Pumpkin Farm has been gaining popularity as a fun family farm where the children learn hands on about agriculture, nature, and the environment.

Pumpkin Season Tour:

The children will discuss Farm Ingredients

Taste Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

View and exprience Straw Bay Farming

Take a ride and feed our Ducks and view other Farm Animals

Each  Student chooses a pumpkin from our Special Pumpkin area

The older classes will be involved in our Seed Science Lab  " Monocot  or Dicot Plant?"


Tree Farm Season Tour:

What small animals and insects are our friends in growing trees?

How do we get the air we breath?

How do we get rid of that Carbon Dioxide in the air?

Have you ever tasted cooked Pine Nuts?


These are just a few of the different topics that your child or the class room might hear in one of our tours.

Each tour is age dependent, so Jeri and her staff, customize the contents to the grade and educational level of the students.

In addition to the lecture, the students get time to enjoy the hands on center as well as receive refreshments. The tours this time of year have been booked for a long time, so call early to see if there are any openings available. A booklet is also passed out to each child to help them in remembering what they have learned.

The cost for the Harvest time  is $7 and for the Christmas Season $6

To Book a tour please call 707-678-1823

An experience that just keeps growing and changing.