LDMS Band Uniform Guidelines


Each LDMS band student in Honor Band, Symphonic Band I and sometimes Symphonic Band II is issued a concert uniform and garment bag. Students are responsible for bringing their own black shoes, black socks (boys), knee-highs or pantyhose (girls), and a plain white shirt (boys).  Ladies should not wear sports bras as they will show around the neckline.   


Uniforms are expensive, and students are expected to take care of them. Uniform parts are numbered, and numbers are recorded for each student.  Uniforms will remain at school.  Uniforms should never go home unless special permission is received from the band director.  Any alterations will be handled by uniform volunteers. If a student notices a needed repair or has trouble with the fit of his/her uniform, he or she should contact one of the uniform volunteers.


Procedures (before performance):

·           Garment bags should be in numerical order on garment racks and separated by band.

·           Locate your numbered garment bag.  Students should have this number memorized; however, we will try to have a list located at the ends of the racks for the first performance.

·           Students will be told where to change (probably the restroom).  Please do not put any uniform parts on the floor at any time.  Place your street clothes in the garment bags after changing.  Shoes should not be placed in garment bags, so please wear your concert shoes to the performance.

·           Return garment bag and hanger to the rack in numerical order.

·           Gentlemen will need to get their bowtie and cummerbund at this time.  Volunteers will be available for assistance.

·           If you need any repairs or have any other uniform problems, see a uniform volunteer immediately.  They will have emergency repair items with them.



Proper Hanging Instructions (after performance):



·           Hang your pants first. Match the creases at the bottom before putting them on the hanger.

·           Hang your shirt over the top of pants. The curve in the hanger should be at the back of the shirt. One of the top buttons should be buttoned.

·           If you are required to place cummerbunds and bowties in your garment bag, these should be placed over the top of the hanger (For home performances, cummerbunds and bowties should be handed in to uniform volunteers).



·           Put dress on hanger.  Place the strings located at the armholes into the hanger slits if needed to keep the dress from falling off the hanger.



·           Put the uniform into the garment bag – leave it unzipped for inspection.

·           A volunteer will inspect your uniform before it can be placed on the uniform rack.  If it is not placed in the bag correctly, you will be required to go to the end of the line and redo it.  You may not leave until all parts of your uniform have been turned in correctly.

·           Please let the volunteer know if your uniform needs any repairs or alterations.

·           Make sure hanger is pointed to the right so that all uniform numbers will be on the same side.


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