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Carole Cravath (B.A.)

Workshop Leader, Intuition Master Teacher, Healing Instructor, Dream Consultant, Spiritual Counselor, Children's Programs, Intuitive Consultant Author,Speaker

Rochester, Minnesota






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P.A.T. Rapid Unfoldment of Accurate Intuition.






Intuition is "direct truth without conscious thought." It can be developed and is a natural part of our consciousness.

P.A.T. provides you with a 3 minute process to discern the truth in any situation and make the best decision possible for your highest well being. In the Perceptive Awareness Technique training, you will wake up your intuition and become proficient in using your intuitive gifts for positive solutions, new life directions, helping others, improving relationships,  spiritual actions and keeping yourself healthy and at peace. You will learn to fulfill your goals and become successful with your intuition, the voice of the soul. You will connect your intuition with your personalit


P.A.T. Online is taught in the comfort of your own home. No travel, meal or hotel expenses are need


Classes are 3 hours each evening 6-9 p.m. Central Time


New in 2022


Perceptive Awareness Technique for Families of Psychically/Spiritually Gifted Children




See my Empathy and Compasion Activities for Kids  at www.teacherspayteachers.com

Call or email me for all class dates in 2022


(507) 287-0884


PAT In-Person Classes

Held in Rochester, MN

Americ Inn Rochester Airport Hotel

Call for Early Bird Prices

Email me for dates


CEU's are Available


Register at least 2 weeks prior to class

   Call Carole (507) 287-0884


Complimentary Intuitive Reading when you register for the PAT workshop.




Soma Pi Healing Workshops



Soma Pi is a highly effective healing method for Emotional and Physical Concerns. It is in sync with the modern energies of today. It is easy to use, soothing to experience and powerful in its quick results.


2022 Workshops

Saturday and Sunday

9 am-4 p.m. Daily

Call or email me for 2022 dates


(507) 287-0884



     Rochester MN 

       Americ-Inn Rochester Airport Hotel 



Carole has been trained by the originator and founder of the Perceptive Awareness Technique (P.A.T.)  and Soma Pi Healing Consuella C. Newton to teach these powerful, highly effective classes. She is a Certified Master PAT teacher


PAT Classes are held both ONLINE and IN-PERSON  as well as PAT for Families of Psychically Gifted Children 

Soma Pi Healing classes are In-Person only


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TECHNIQUE (P.A.T.) In Person Training


             Call or e-mail Carole (507) 287-0884 


Carole Cravath Master PAT Teacher

Certified Soma Pi Healing Instructor



Registration Deadline is 2 weeks prior to Class Dates


Carole Cravath (B.A.) 507) 287-0884