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Perceptive Awareness Technique (PAT) For Families of Psychic/Spiritually Gifted Children

​You and Your Children/Teens Will Learn  Accurate Decisions for Yourselves through Connecting with your  Intuitive Knowing on a Daily Basis

Online Classes Meet 6-9 pm CST

Carole Cravath (B.A.) Master PAT Teacher

carolecravath@hotmail.com  (507)287-0884


 Classes for one parent and one child, ages 9-12   


Classes for one parent and one teen, ages 13-18

Call or email me for 2022 class date3s



​The 4 Day Perceptive Awareness Technique Training for Families brings Rapid Unfoldment and Expansion of Accurate Intuition, our Higher Intelligence, also called Higher Awareness.

True intuition is defined as "Direct truth without conscious thought." Learn this higher mind skill which is a natural part of our consciousness and can be devloped to intuit accurate answers to our daily questions and concerns. You will be able to access within yourself the best course of action in any situation.   



Both you and Your Child/Teen will learn:

1.)Intuitive solutions to problems.

2.) Ways to uplift and inspire yourselves.

3.)Improve and cultivate healthy relationships.

4.) The power of your mind, perceptions and  thoughts.

5.)How to balance and harmonize negative emotions.

6.)Resolve conflicts peacefully.

7.)Answer personal questions accurately through intuition.

8.)Understand and integrate unusual and psychic experiences naturally and positively.

9.) Access Higher Awareness.

10.)Use your gifts and talents for good in the world.

11.)Become empowered in your life's direction.

12.)Overcome obstacles and challenges.

13.) Direct your creativity in joyful, productive ways.

14.)The Power of your mind and thoughts.

15.) How to how to Balance and Harmonize Negative Emotions


Psychically/Spiritually Gifted Children are highly sensitive and creative. It's important to support them in their psychic/spiritual abilities and help them understand them ad integrate them into their daily lives. Their advanced abilities may cause them to feel different and have a hard time adjusting to school or social situations. There are millions of these children on the planet now with 3rd strand DNA which is the next step in our human evolution. They have extra sensory perception, wisdom and loving natures. They're forging new directions for humanity and blossom in wonderful ways with our love, acceptance, encouragement, understanding and guidance.

The Perceptive Awareness Technique (PAT) will help them understand and be in control of their abilities, center themselves beyond the fray, become strong in themselves and use their intuitive abilities to help themselves in any situation. 

PAT helps your child develop and blossom in his/her natural gifts and abilities , become confident and learn to solve problems peacefully.

PAT strengthens the self and brings relief and solutions to challenges and difficulties.




Carole Cravath (B.A.) Certified Master P.A.T. Instructor

(507) 287-0884



​Begin a New Path


P.A.T. helps you develop, unfold and grow strong in your own innate intutive abilities, decisions and experiences.

​You will happily be able to improve your lives and those of your children through excellent daily decisions. You will be able to intuit the best decision for your child in any situation.You'll gain deep insights into what your child really needs and be able to discern correct answers with confidence.

​True Intuition is defined as "Direct Truth Without Conscious Thought." Learn this Higher Mind skill which is a natural part of our consciousness, through enjoyable activities. It will help you and your kids thrive, solve problems, be happy, achieve goals and have healthy relationships.


​Benefits of P.A.T. for You as a Parent


1.) Intuit what course of action is best in difficult/challenging situations.

2.)Intuit how to encourage your child's self esteem.

3.)Get inside your child's shoes and understand what he/she is experiencing, thereby being able to truly solve problems.

4.)Intuit the best way of handling relationship issues.

5.)Intuit which specific activities will bring your child joy and success.

6.)Intuitive how to resolve conflicts.

7.)Answer daily questions accurately for the best outcome in any situation.

8.)Intuit how to make school a positive and successful experience for your child.



   Benefits of P.A.T. for you as an  Adult    

1.)Intuit how to achieve your own goals and success.

2.)Understand on a deep level your own pathway and purpose in life.

3.)Make excellent, accurate decisions for your highest well-being.

4.)Answer any question you have on a daily basis.

5.)Develop a new Higher Mind Skill for Whole Brain Usage.

6.)Increase your Creativity and New Ideas.

7.)Learn to Trust Yourself and your Intuition.

8.)Develop a calm mind with a quick meditative technique.

9.)Improve your relationships and solve relationship problems.

10.)Intuit new, positive directions in your life.

11.)Lean a quick, proven 3 minute technique for putting Intuition/Higher Sense Perception to work in your life. 


P.A.T. Brings True Guidance, Balance, Wisdom, Accurate Decisions, Healthy Solutions and Peace


​Contact Carole Cravath (B.A.) 

​Certified P.A.T. Instructor

(507) 287-0884 carolecravath@hotmail.com

​Carole is a intuitive Master Teacher and Healing Instructor , Dream Consultation, Program Development for Children's Programs ad intuitive Counselor. She  has over 30 years of experience in the fields of Teaching, Counseling, Cultural Diversity, Social Work and Personal growth. She has guided adults and children in all of these fields to improve their lives and expand their horizons of consciousness and love. She has designed curriculum activities for elementary children that develop skills of empathy, peace  and compassion. She does private intuitive and spiritual counseling for adults. Carole is a Reiki Master and also teaches the powerful new energy healing called Soma Pi which is highly effective for emotiona and physical concerns.                                                              

Perceptive Awareness Technique for Families

Online Classes

One Parent and one Child/Teen

Cost $325.00


Call Carole  (507) 287-0884  carolecravath@hotmail.com

​Ceu's Available

Founder of the Perceptive Awareness Technique​

​Consuella C. Newton (B.A.) is the Founder and Originator of the Perceptive Awareness Technique and of the Soma Pi Healing Method. She is a gifted and popular Intuitive teacher of Higher Consciousness and has trained Carole in these techniques. She is present via video during the training with some important lessons. 

​We have over 98-100% Accuracy for over 30 years.

​Please join us for this powerful 3 day training.

​Call for Additional Class Dates (507) 287-0884


​Register at least 2 weeks prior to class.

​Call Carole with questions and to discuss the training in depth

(507) 287-0884


I look forward to meeting you and talking with you soon.

I have worked with children and teens for over 30 years.