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  Perceptive Awareness Technique Workshops (P.A.T.)

Rapid Unfoldment of Accurate Intuition

In- Person Classes

On Line Classes also available


PAT In Person Workshops 

Rochester, MinnesotaC

Call or email me for for 2022 Class Dates


(507) 287-0884


P.A.T. is a 3 day intensive with Certification for Rapid Unfoldment of Intuition/Higher Sense Perception/Higher Awareness


Classes are held on a Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Americ-Inn Rochester  MN Airport Hotel

Call or email me for 2022 class dates

                                               Carole Cravath Master PAT Instructor                                             

Call Carole  (507) 287-0884


Register at least 2 weeks before class

P.A.T. Directly Links the Personality to the Soul for Rapid Unfoldment and Acceleration of Accurate Intuition


Advanced Intuition Training


We have 98%-100 % Accuracy for over 30 Years

P.A.T. is a proven technique and well documented

Originated by Consuella C. Newton


You will be able to answer questions for yourself and others that will provide you with the best decisions possible.

P.A.T. bypasses the lower mind and ego which can give us inaccurate answers. The analytical mind does not know the future and can only guess. The intuitive mind does know the future and what actions and decisions will work best.


P.A.T. is a gift you give yourself to change your life in positive ways and you will have this gift for a lifetime. When you make excellent decisions, you no longer have to waste time making corrections for poor decisions. Decisions made through intuition, our Higher Awareness, bring harmony, success, well-being and 


Join us in this powerful training and help yourself

Rochester, Minnesota

Americ-Inn Rochester Airport Hotel

(507) 536-7000

Rochester, Minnesota




Class Meets:

  Day 1    9:30 a.m.-8:30 p.m.

  Day 2    9:30 a.m.-6:00 p.m.

    Day 3    9:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m. 


Certified Master P.A.T. Instructor: Carole Cravath (B.A.)

Call (507) 287-0884 to  Register 

Workshop Fees

Early Bird

$550.00 Includes Certificate, CDE's Workbook etc.

Register 2  or more weeks prior to class


Regular Price: $703.00



Payment Plan Av                            Includes Certificate


Receive a complimentary Intuitive Reading when you register for the workshop





I look forward to talking with you soon!

Carole Cravath

(507) 287-0884

Intuition, also called our Higher Awareness and Higher Sense Perception knows the answer to our every question, whether it relates to finances, relationships, work, life purpose, solution to a particular problem, our health, or our happiness.  It's called our Higher Intelligence, our Intuition, our Higher Sense Perception.  It's an innate ability that we can develop & use on a daily basis. 

Quickly learned steps will show you how to make decisions from a higher level of your mind/self.  You will know the highest & best answer to every question you have.

You will learn to distinguish between your ego's voice (fear & conflict based), and your higher intelligence (love & truth based).


Benefits You Can Expect

Receive accurate answers to your daily questions.  P.A.T. is a proven technique for over 30 years, with 98-100% documented accuracy.

Discover and Fulfill your Life Purpose

Build healthy & fufilling relationships.

Improve your business & prosperity.

Become more confident & trusting.

Discern productive, new directions in your life.

Enhance your higher mind capabilities.

Accomplish your goals

Accelerate your spirituality


Professional Applications Of P.A.T.

Healers & Medical Professionals:  Will be excited to know that they will gain the skill to intuit/understand exactly what is required for their clients to heal physically, emotionally, mentally, & spiritually.

Teachers/Educators:  Will be able to use their higher awareness to access creative ideas & answer personal questions that will enhance & enliven their classes, as well as better attune to the needs of their students.

Creative Artists:  Will be empowered to attain new ideas that will bring greater depth, vision, inspiration, success, & meaning to their work, as well as answer personal questions in relation to their work per se.

Therapists & Counselors:  Will be able to use their higher sense perception to guide their clients to positive viewpoints, attitudes, & actions that will facilitate breakthroughs & productive change.

Massage Therapists:  Will be able to use their higher awareness to more effectively release blocks, heal pain, & strengthen, align, & bring balance to their clients.

Business Professionals, Leaders, & Administrators:  Will be able to use P.A.T. to discover what actions, attitudes, & perspectives will produce positive results, and create harmony & flow in their endeavors and orginiz

Call Carole at (507) 287-0884 for more information & to register

join us and you will have your own outstanding success with your intuition! 


Consuella C. Newton (B.S.) Originator & Founder Of P.A.T.

Connie is a highly gifted intuitive who has been teaching her overflowing workshops in the field of Higher Consciosness for over 30 years.  She is the originator of the "Integrated Awareness Technique", the "Soma Pi Healing Technique", & "P.A.T."  She is a popular & highly knowledgeable teacher who is the author of "The Inner Quest", & was a regularily featured columnist for "The International Times Newspaper" under the byline "Thoughtful Insights".

She is a graduate of Morgan State University & has done graduate work at Loyola College in Maryland.

Connie will be present in the workshop via video & audio tapes to present her excellent techniques & insights.


Visit www.cosmic39.com



Carole Cravath (B.A.) Master P.A.T. Instructor

Carole has been trained by Connie to teach P.A.T. & has used her intuitive gifts to help others for over 20 years.  She has 30 years of experience in the fields of Teaching, Counseling, Social Work, & Cultural Diversity.  She Has taught Dream Interpretation & Spiritual Growth Workshops & other varied topics for 20 years.  She has been using her intuitive skills for 20 years in her Healing & Spiritual Counseling practices.

She has taught college classes in Stress Management, Psychology, & Human Growth & Development.  She is a graduate of Bemidji State University & has done graduate work at the University of Idaho in Cultural Anthropology.  She has also done post-graduate work in Community Counseling.

She teaches classes in personal and spiritual growth, dream interpretation. overcoming negative emotions, raising children with love etc. See her activities on the Teachers Pay Teachers website.She has created programs and classes for children to develop compassion and empathy as well as peace making skills.