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Who Will Replace "Ghetto Superstar" In Tournament?

In a surprise announcement, Michigan Wrestling Organization officials confirmed that one of the participants in the PF Classic Tournament that will take place at this Saturday’s Slam-a-Thon supercard in Fremont, Indiana has been pulled from the annual tournament.

MWO Hall of Famer Jaysen Platinum, who was set to battle X-Convict in the first round of the tournament, has been pulled from the bracket. The “Ghetto Superstar,” who has been vocal to organization officials about wanting to mount a comeback to the ring, was one of the odds-on-favorites to win The PF Classic.  The exact reasoning behind Platinum’s inability to participate has not been disclosed, leading many within the promotion to wonder if he had suffered some sort of injury during a training regiment.

“We can confirm the unfortunate news that Jaysen Platinum will not be competing in the Pure Fury Jeff Clouse Memorial Tournament on June 26 in Fremont, Indiana,” said Michigan Wrestling Organization CEO Jason “the Basher” Clouse, “Personally, I know how hard of a decision this was for Jaysen to make, given his desire to participate in this tournament.”

Clouse refused to elaborate on what the true reasons were behind Platinum being pulled from the show. This obviously leaves a huge void in the quarter-final round of The PF Classic, with X-Convict now being left without an opponent. While it is unfortunate that Platinum is unable to compete, it provides a big opportunity for other superstars to take his place in the tournament’s first round. When asked about who on the roster would be a candidate to replace the “Ghetto Superstar,” Clouse was vague about the identity of a possible replacement for the former triple crown champion.

“There are a number of MWO superstars who have been waiting for a big break,” the CEO stated, “That door of opportunity is now waiting to be answered.”

The 2021 Slam-a-Thon will take place this Saturday, June 26 from the Fremont Middle School in Fremont, Indiana. There is free admission for fans of all ages. Doors open at 5:00 pm, with the action beginning at 6:00 pm.