Supplemental Index

a sequential list of items as they appear on each of the supplemental pages



Part One:

The Smiths' First Meetings - Original bassist Dale Hibbert recounts the early days of The Smiths

The Smiths Smash Top Three - A brief account of the making of the Smiths' debut album

Rolling Stone review of 'The Smiths' in full

Rolling Stone reviews 'Meat Is Murder'

The Guardian reviews 'Meat Is Murder'

A Conversation With Morrissey, 1985 - Interview

Part Two:

Personal File - Brief 'fact file' comprised of a series of light-hearted questions put to Morrissey

Portrait Of The Artist As A Consumer - Morrissey's personal list of favourite records, books etc

Monarchy In The UK - Sounds reviews 'The Queen Is Dead'

Hang The D.J.? - Short news item on Derek Jarman's 'The Queen Is Dead' promotional film

Irreproachable - Q reviews the Smiths' back catalogue

Safeways Here We Come - Melody Maker reviews the Smiths' back catalogue

Nowhere Fast - Uncut reviews 'The Very Best Of The Smiths'

Part Three:

It's Time The Tale Were Told - Recap of the Smiths' career

Goodbye, Smiths - News item detailing the Smiths split

Academics Study The Smiths/Meeting Is Murder/Oxbridge, Here We Come - Three items covering the two-day Smiths symposium held at Metropolitan University's Institute Of Popular Culture in Manchester in April 2005

Part Four:

Crowning Glory - The Making Of 'The Queen Is Dead'

Marr In Car Smash - Short news item

Part Five:

Johnny Marr Looks Back - The Smiths' guitarist recounts the making of 'The Queen Is Dead'

Morrissey - So Much To Answer For - Essay examining the Smiths' legacy and influence

Fanfare For The Common Man - Article from early 1984

The Smiths Are Dead! - Playful news item detailing the Smiths split

Part Six:

Various reviews of the 2008 Smiths compilation 'The Sound Of The Smiths'

Brief interview with Johnny Marr about working on the new compilation

Part Seven:

Dispelling The Myth: The Smiths - A re-imagining of the sequence of the Smiths' four studio LPs

On Second Thought - A reappraisal of the 'Meat Is Murder' LP
The Smiths - The Tatty Truth (excerpt) - brief commentary on 'Meat'

Part Eight

Far From The Madding Crowd - Interview with Morrissey & Marr circa August 1984

Message Understood - Fanzine interview with Morrissey from late-1983

Paint A Vulgar Picture - NME reviews various Smiths re-releases on CD

Q reviews the 'Best ...1' & Best' ...2' compilations
Select reviews 'Best...1'

Smiths To Reform? - Reunion and tour rumours

Part Nine

Laughter In Paradise! - Lengthy interview with Morrissey, Sounds, June 14, 1986

Part Ten

Record Collector reviews the Complete boxed set

"I have nothing but fondness for The Smiths... but I'm glad I left" - Johnny Marr reminisces in The Sun about his days with the group and talks about Complete

Johnny Marr on Breaking Up the Smiths, Remastering Their Catalog - brief interview in Rolling Stone

Johnny Marr Remembers the Smiths' Studio Albums - interview in SPIN magazine