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Jesse   Marketing@sohotheatre.com

We'd love for this show to reach as many Morrissey and Smiths fans as possible! Soho Theatre invites you to Salty Brine: Bigmouth Strikes Again – The Smiths Show. Don't miss this stunning night of musical mayhem by New York cult cabaret sensation Salty Brine. Making his UK debut, Salty ventures into the dark and disturbed as he twists Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein around The Smiths’ post-punk, indie classic The Queen is Dead. Use code QUEENISDEAD for £12 tickets (including fees) All performances from Thu 31st Aug - Thu 7th Sep

03-24-2023 5:38:57 AM CST
This is an incredible site, so much information.

John Moser
03-14-2022 10:02:23 PM CST
I recall, as a 13-year old boy in 1985, buying two cassettes at WH Smith in Barnet High St, North London, one saturday afternoon. One was 'Behind The Sun' by Eric Clapton, the other was 'Meat Is Murder' by the Smiths. It's funny to recall in 2022 how, 12 months later, particularly on the back of hearing 'Marquee Moon' by Television and seeing The June Brides live at ULU (University of London Union, Malet St, London WC1, England), it could be said that the latter magnum opus (the best thing The Smiths ever did, in my opinion) simply totalled Clapton and one's other hideous, plainly uninformed listening options at the time - Dire Straits & Sting. As background: this credit-card rock destroying process had been generally engineered in the media by regularly listening to John Peel, 10-12 Mon-Thurs on Radio 1, along with reading weekly doses of The New Musical Express newspaper, all initially driven by an addiction to 'The Old Orange Flute' by The Dubliners as a very small, 7-8 year old boy; everything then creatively culminated in the publication of the first issue of 'The Main Street Journal' in London, England in the winter of 1993, which I co-edited and co-published, eight years later. John Moser Main Objective Ltd London, England

06-27-2019 5:25:19 PM CST
callantsoog - july 22 - 29 2019 meet us !

Buzz Magazine

The Smiths Indeed were formed in Liverpool in 2005, after a deceptively placed advertisement caught the eye of an ambitious aficionado. The band consists of Smiths devotees and outstanding musicians. Their trump card is a singer with uncannily similar vocal chords to Morrissey's. In a relatively short space of time, The Smiths Indeed have emerged as a fantastic live act, aiming to capture the essence of a mid-1980s Smiths concert. Check out our YouTube channel, Buzz TV, and watch our short documentary where we go behind the scenes with the tribute band.

12-15-2016 7:33:22 PM CST
site is dood, geen reacties

01-09-2016 7:14:52 PM CST
nummer 1 site, ook Belgen aanwezig ?

Angeliki   zzelikakitrou@gmail.com
12-08-2014 5:00:42 PM CST
Hello guys...im searching desperately two books in PDF or EPUB and i can't find them.Any help appreciated. The books are: Songs that saved your life:the art of the smiths-Simon goddard Morrissey shot by linder sterling Morrissey in conversation: the essential interviews

'Hampstead' Jo Cooper
09-25-2014 5:54:35 PM CST
I would like to inform you that I took the photo of The Smiths at The Clickimin Centre in Lerwick, Scotland in 1985. Purely for the record and in case anyone else wants to reprint-pls credit with name. Ta

ADAM SLEPOWRONSKI   adam_7689@hotmail.com
01-14-2014 8:54:09 AM CST

HALF A PERSON: MY LIFE AS TOLD BY THE SMITHS OPENS AT THE KING'S HEAD THEATRE IN LONDON ON JANUARY 26TH. Meet William, a twenty-something Londoner who drifts from coffee shop to bar, falling in love, self-obsessing and finding solace in The Smiths. Torn between conflicting loyalties to the girl of his dreams and his best friend, William has the chance to become more than half a person. Prior to this London season, Half a Person has been ‘tried out’ in various venues around the UK including a sell–out performance at The Lowry, in The Smiths’ hometown, Salford. An emotionally charged, coming-of-age story, blending wry comedy and the music of a beloved cult band, sung live. VISIT THE KING'S HEAD THEATRE'S WEBSITE TO BOOK TICKETS. Supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.

nina manandhar   submit@what-we-wore.com

Were/Are you a Mozza lookalike or teen smiths fan ? Im editing a book called What We Wore - A Peoples Style History of Biritish Youth Style, I'm looking for images of Smiths inspired style and the stories that go with them. To contribute email submit@what-we-wore.com

11-01-2013 3:11:10 AM CST
Hi all,i have a complete smiths boxset for sale, all the vinyls singles cds etc ,with johnny marr messenger vinyl personally signed after i met angie marr at his london gig,and my prized morrissey autograph.if interested contact me at skyakita@hotmail.co.uk thanks

Famous when dead   poppycocteau@hotmail.co.uk
08-24-2013 7:45:08 PM CST
Thank you for such a well compiled site, Cheers, FWD

Madchester   clubmadchester@gmail.com
08-05-2013 4:13:25 AM CST

BIg Smiths night on in Edinburgh during the festival. The Smyths + support; then seminal Edinburgh night Madchester.

05-04-2013 5:51:37 AM CST

Morrissey / The Smiths event - 18/05/13 - Bar Stop, St Jansplain, Antwerpen

04-18-2013 5:54:59 PM CST
Hey Mozze, Komde hier soms eens zien ? Age 44, fan since 1984, love Paul B

ICA London   press@ica.org.uk
03-21-2013 8:22:53 AM CST

Hello Smiths fans, A Smithsfest is taking place at the ICA London on the 29-30 March 2013. Over a two day festival comprising talks, performance, art and film, Smithsfest will survey the artistic and cultural impact of The Smiths, one of the most iconic, seminal and controversial bands in the history of pop music. Check out the ICA website for more info and a full programme.

03-21-2013 8:20:42 AM CST

Sam Knee   sam@thevillagegreenlondon.com
02-26-2013 7:20:57 PM CST

Dear all. I'm compiling a 80s indie youth style book called A Scene In Between due to released in September by Cicada Books. I'm looking for early photographs of the Smiths to feature in the book or snaps of yourself dressing like them from the time. Nothing after 87 considered i'm afraid. The more amateur the better as all the photos in the book are taken by music fans from the time not pro photographers. Please get in touch if you have anything of interest. Sam

Screen Stockport   info@screenstockport.co.uk

Please check out The Smiths On Screen event presented by Screen Stockport at The Plaza Super Cinema Stockport to celebrate 30 years since the release of Hand In Glove on Monday 13th May 2013.

Singing Bear
01-14-2013 3:30:04 PM CST

Hi. Excellent site for all Smiths fans. Where is the best place to discuss/find bootleg recordings. I'm particularly interested in locating a complete set of Troy Tate Sessions. Can anyone help?

cheryl   darrentbailey@bigpond.com
08-19-2012 6:54:48 PM CST
I'm looking for the song that Morrissey sings "every ist and every ism" any ideas?

Shoot The Image

Shoot the Imagehave arrived with their debut album, Cranes In The City, produced by Boz Boorer (guitarist, producer and co-songwriter with Morrissey). Cranes In The City will be available digitally worldwide on Aug. 21st and the album will be in stores on Sept. 18thvia Aporia Records. Download a free mp3 of the lead single, "Lithograph" at shoottheimage [dot] bandcamp [dot] com. Check out an amazing video trailer for Cranes In the City on Shoot the Image's YouTube channel at youtube [dot] com [forward slash] user [forward slash] shoottheimage

Marc Capella   mcapella74@gmail.com

25 YEARS WITHOUTH THE SMITHS EXHIBITION" more info thesmiths.cat "Fnac Triangle (Barcelona) will exhibit the first complete collection of The Smiths promotional posters, distributed as a limited edition in record stores at the time by the independent record label ROUGH TRADE. The posters form part of the personal collection of a true Smiths’ fan, Marc Capella that likes to pay tribute to the band that believes has most successfully integrated graphic art, poetry, claim and music. The Value of the collection is priceless* and is the fruit over a decade of careful research. *In November 24th, 2008, Christie’s New York Art gallery sold at auction The Smiths first LP promotional poster reaching a winner bid of $563. Click for auction details The Smiths released their first single in May 1983 and broke up 4 years later in the summer of 1987. The summer of 2012 marks 25 years since their breakup. Marc Capella confesses “*Hatful of Hollow” LP, especially the song “Heaven knows I’m miserable now”, caused a turning point from then on the way he have thought and the way he have acted lately."

Proud Camden   booksigning@proudgalleries.co.uk
06-22-2012 5:47:59 AM CST

Proud Camden is pleased to announce that photographer Kevin Cummins will be signing his book Manchester: Looking For The Light Through The Pouring Rain on Saturday 23rd June between 1pm and 2.30pm at Proud Camden Gallery. Celebrating Cummins' photographic record of the past 30 years he successfully captures the highs, the lows and the transcendent pop moments of Manchester's most famous sons. Manchester: Looking for the Light through the Pouring Rain is a stunning visual record of the city and its pop history. Cummins delicately exposes Manchester, its bands, its fashions and its attitude. Set against the back drop of our nostalgic exhibition Manchester: So Much To Answer For, The City That Shaped The Smiths, we invite you to come and join us in celebrating Cummins’ exceptional career, and enjoy the iconic shots that catapulted him to fame. Admission to this exclusive event is £5, this fee can be redeemed against any Cummins merchandise purchased in the Proud Bookshop. RSVP is essential to booksigning@proudgalleries.co.uk

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