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Proud Camden
05-18-2012 5:23:19 AM CST
Proud Camden presents Manchester: So Much To Answer For, a retrospective of The Smiths from renowned photographer Kevin Cummins. Thirty years since the band originally formed, this exhibition presents a portrait of The Smiths, the northern city that influenced so much of their music and the ensuing ‘Madchester’ scene that followed their split in ’87. Alongside photographs of the band, this exhibition boasts a collection of stark, melancholy cityscapes which capture the cultural, social and political climate that gave birth to Indie music. There will be an exclusive private view of the exhibition at Proud Camden on Thursday 31st May from 6.00pm – 8.00pm. We are also thrilled to announce that The Smiths' drummer Mike Joyce shall be performing a live DJ set within the gallery at 9.35pm for all of our private view guests. This is an RSVP only event, to guarantee a place on the guest list please send your name to rsvp@proud.co.uk

Polle   paul.bartholomeus@finas.be
02-09-2012 6:17:07 PM CST
NO 1 Belgian Fan ! Contact me for a charming chat !

Millicent Cock
11-28-2011 9:06:20 PM CST
Daaarling, I love what you've done with the place! Simply marv! The girls and I send their love, daaarling. Toodles.

10-25-2011 4:03:40 AM CST
Great site, well impressed!!!

Marc   mcapella74@gmail.com
08-04-2011 3:30:47 AM CST
Hello everybody, I am after next Smiths Promo posters: Hand in glove Shakespeare Sister Heaven I'm miserable now The Queen is dead Met is murder Strangeways here we come Barbarism begins at home Anyone know where I could find any of them? Th u!

07-21-2011 9:59:33 PM CST

How many more years to we have to suffer until a Tour Date is announced?

Charles 1
05-03-2011 4:27:30 PM CST

This DJ named DUB-L put out a great mixtape for free download called "DUB-L PRESENTS...THE SMITHS VS. THE CURE" which has always been a great question in my mind. He blends there songs great. its free from his website WWW.DUB-L.COM

Charles 1
05-03-2011 4:27:18 PM CST

Charles 1
05-03-2011 4:27:15 PM CST

02-03-2011 8:58:32 AM CST
Great site and a fantastic achievement compiling all this stuff. Does anyone out there know what the recording is from the beginning of 'Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me'? Thanks John H Liverpool

08-10-2010 6:51:47 PM CST
I threw the smiths into google, hoping to find something more in depth than the wikipedia page, clicked on this without any hope and was blown away. This is amazing, thank you so very much. I can\\

Junki   sheryl_serendipity@hotmail.com
06-22-2010 9:23:55 AM CST
hi ! Actually, i translate all lyrics (I'm from Japan), but i don't think i understand all, cos his lyrics are very special and sometimes he talks about things of UK. So i want someone to help me to understand well! please help me !

12-09-2009 7:40:05 PM CST

Well done lad.

11-22-2009 4:56:51 AM CST

A Factory Night (and then again) A FACTORY NIGHT (and then again) Plan K / La Raffinerie - Brussels Concerts A CERTAIN RATIO SECTION 25 BITING TONGUES THE WAKE THE NAMES (with strings) Exhibitions & projections KEVIN CUMMINS (NME) PHILIPPE CARLY Afterparty & DJ sets GRAHAM MASSEY (808 State) TOM MODERNE (LTM/Crépuscule) RE:ORDER (A tribute to New Order) Gore (Cruise CTRL), Muffin (Code(s)), X-Pulsiv (Pilgrimage) Tickets: 25€ (Ticketnet.be) Afterparty only: 10€ (after midnight) Plan K / La Raffinerie Rue de Manchesterstraat 21 - 1080 Brussels


Morrissey Kill Uncle tour programme on sale in eBay, hurry ends soon!!!

musicguy   ja.moss@yahoo.co.uk
09-30-2009 10:34:05 AM CST

I've got a great new Smiths limited edition (only 1000 pressed) 6 disc box set - it's a must have for any Smiths/Morrissey fan! Let me know if you want more info!

Sara   sara.boredom@gmail.com
09-15-2009 4:57:29 AM CST

Words cannot express how much I adore this website!

06-15-2009 4:18:59 PM CST

fantastic work,done with love....

Dave P
04-18-2009 9:45:57 PM CST
Molenstede rules !!!!

Paul B
04-17-2009 2:58:07 PM CST
Zonder twijfel de beste Smiths-site ! ps : komen er hier af en toe ook Belgische fans kijken ?

Terence Stomp
04-12-2009 4:52:57 AM CST

The Queen is Dead.

Buck-toothed girl
04-11-2009 8:42:34 AM CST

Wot we did on our day off.

03-30-2009 8:21:37 AM CST

Bonjour de Paris, France. Mon nom est André - je suis un énorme ventilateur (poids d'I 350 livres et attachés au plafond). Veuillez excuser mon français pauvre car je ne suis réellement pas français ! Toujours, il retentit beau, pour lire même. Je suis stupéfié! Hasta Manana, Monsieur!

magnetmag    :// magnetmagazine.com/2009/03/10/the-overunder-the-smiths/

MAGNET Magazine picks the five most overrated and underrated Smiths songs:

Johnny Camelately
01-30-2009 8:11:15 PM CST
Happy birthday TSFO!!!!!!!!! woohoo!!!

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