About our Fees and our Terms/ Policy 



Our Fees


We charge our clients a minimum of $35.00 - $40.00 an hour for each worker for basic inside house cleaning only. We require a minimum of 4 hours (1 worker) for each trip or the following minimum charges (option # 1 and option #2) will apply, if you only need our services for 2 to 3 hours.  All necessary supplies and the use of our equipment and tools for basic cleaning are included in our rates as well as G.S.T. (the tax) included.  Please let us know ahead of time if you need us to use any envionmentally friendly cleaning products for your cleaning job. 


Depending on the level of cleanliness and the type of work involved, at our discretion, we may charge our clients up to $45.00 an hour (except minimum charges) for each worker for each job but we will tell our clients beforehand how much he or she has to pay before we begin any work.


We charge $40.00 - $45.00 an hour for each worker for any post construction or renovation clean-ups and all move-in and move-out cleaning jobs because these kinds of jobs usually require more time; efforts and chemicals to clean.


Our Terms/Policy 


We would like to point out to you, some of our company's terms and policy for your information as follows:




Unless otherwise agreed by us in writing before we do any job for our clients, payment is due the day of each scheduled cleaning and must be presented before services are rendered.  There are NO EXCEPTIONS to this policy.


Please note that all services performed require payment up front at the time of services.  If our worker(s) arrive and there is no payment, our worker(s) will leave right away and we will reschedule your appointment at that time and you will be charged and billed for our time.  A minimum charge of $50.00 will be charged to you for this trip. 



Minimum Charges (Options 1 & 2) 


The hourly rate of $35.00-$40.00 quoted above is for any inside cleaning service of 4 hours or longer.  For any job less than 4 hours, one of the following minimum charges $170.00 will apply to each trip.


You may choose any one of the following options (1 to 3): Please contact Daisy to ask more detail information.  


(All the following options with a surcharge over 4 kms ) are not available to clients who are outside our serving areas (e.g. Burnaby,  Richmond, New Westminster , Coquitlam, Surrey etc or at our discretion, for any area exceeding 4 kms of our office.)


And these options are also NOT available to our clients who need any post construction or renovation clean-ups and all move-in or move-out or first time Deep cleaning jobs from us.) 




Please note that (except Option # 4) the following stated hours of service are for 1 worker only for each job.



Option # 1


$100.00 for 1 worker with 2 hours of service;            OR


Option # 2


$130.00 for 1 worker with 3 hours of service;            OR


Option # 3


$160.00 for 1 worker with 4 hours of service;            OR


Option # 4


$240.00 for 2 workers with 3 hours of service each; OR


Option # 5


For weekly cleaning jobs only, we can charge you as low as $35.00 an hour for our worker if you can:


1) provide us with the necessary cleaning materials and the use of your equipment and tools.  We need from you, a good vacuum cleaner; a step ladder; window cleaning tools and detergents (if it is required); 2 buckets; a mop; 4 pieces of clothes for wiping down; a pair of gloves and a garbage bag, and 


2) we can only assign 1 worker to you and you have to give this worker not less than 4 hours of service for each trip, and


3) provide us with a parking space at no cost to us (if there is no unrestricted public parking available.) and


4) if you are not outside our serving areas (within 4 kms of our office), and


5) this is NOT the first time cleaning.


6) this is NOT a post construction/renovation; move in; move out; commercial and industrial cleaning job.



If you do not meet these requirements, we will charge you for our services, according to either one of the above Options 1-4 or higher rates, if necessary. 


Any overtime will be charged at a rate of $10.00 for each 15 minutes or less or

$ 40.00 and up for each additional hour for each worker.  This rate can be higher if we charge you more than $40.00 an hour for each worker.


A Surcharge 


Please read the section under "About our Surcharge" for further information and clarifications. This surcharge may or may not apply to you, depending on where your property is or where you live in the city.






Minimum charges for 2 or more workers



If you require 2 workers from us, we have a minimum charge of at least 3 hours of service for each worker.  If you are outside our serving area, the minimum for 2 workers is 4 hours of service for each worker.


NSF/Service and late payment charges


We accept CASH only on any job less than $150.00(G.S.T. not included) to avoid paper work and our bank to hold cheques for payments.


As our client, you have an option to pay us by either cash or a cheque or e transfer  (except the above situation), although, if you can, we would prefer the payment from you by cash.  If you choose to pay our services by a cheque and if your cheque is returned to us by your bank for any reasons, you agree to pay for any expense to correct the problem, including but not limited to payments to us, the N.S.F. and service charges of $80.00 for each cheque and interest(s) on late payment to be calculated at 12% a year on any balance owing.


A Free Parking space


For any cleaning job, we need a free parking space from our clients if there is no unrestricted and free public parking available outside the client's house or inside the parking lot for cleaning an apartment unit or the client has to pay for the parking for us.


Ticket; towing and impound charges


If our worker has been assigned a parking space by our client during our worker's stay at our client's house; apartment or any property and if our worker's vehicle is ticketed and/or towed away by anyone for any reasons, our client has to either pay for these charges for our worker or reimburse our company with any amount, including payment(s) of impound charges to get the vehicle back and the cost(s) of the ticket. 


A Deposit


At our sole discretion, if we agree to bill our clients or accept payment later for any job, we will require a deposit of 30% - 50% of the amount of the job from our clients before we perform any service and this deposit must be paid up front by either cash or cheque and this deposit will be deducted from the total charges.


Cancellation/postponement fee



Please be advised that except in cases of emergency beyond the client's control, such as sudden illness etc, we have to charge our clients a minimum of $60.00 or higher (service charge) for cancellation or postponement of any confirmed appointment with us, if the client fails to notify us by phone and by email of any change of plan related to this appointment in less than 15 hours before the scheduled appointment, because, as a result of this sudden change, it will affect other appointments we have, in terms of losing other clients and possible loss of revenue and we also have to pay our worker(s) either way for your job.  Therefore, please try to be considerate for us by trying your very best to keep your appointment with us but if you can't make it for any reasons, please let us know ASAP but within the required time frame, so that we can cancel and reschedule your appointment right away and in the meantime, please let us try to serve other clients instead.  Thank you.


Lock-out fees


If our cleaner(s) arrive for a scheduled service but he or she is not able to access your property, a lock out fee of at least $100.00 will be charged to the client.  We encourage all our clients to issue us keys so that lock-outs will not be an issue.




Post construction cleaning


Our rate for post construction cleaning is $40.00-$45.00 an hour for each worker for a minimum of 4 hours of service for each worker. This rate is also plus any surcharge, if applicable. 


Commercial & industrial cleaning


For commercial and industrial cleaning jobs, including factories; hotels; Air B & B; restaurants, Dental office , medical  clinic or office etc. ( Different type of cleaning might apply with different requirement ) We charge our clients a minimum of $40.00 or higher an hour for each worker for a minimum of 4 hours of service plus any surcharge with Tax.


Rates are subject to change


Please note that all the rates quoted herein are subject to change without any notice from us, although we will try our very best to notify our clients of any change in our rates ahead of any cleaning job and before an agreement is signed with us. 




An Agreement 


For our mutual understanding, before we start any work for you, we have a one time agreement for you to sign to authorize us to start the work for you on a certain date and at a certain time and pay us immediately in full by either cash or cheque without any deductions when and after the job is finished. 


Other services


Although we do mostly residential cleanings, we can also clean commercial and industrial spaces, such as offices etc.  We also do carpet shampooing; interior and exterior window cleaning and power washing.  Please ask us for special rates for these jobs.  Please look at the Scope of our services for further information.


If you have any proposal for what you want us to do and how much you want to pay for our services, please let us know because we will try our very best to work with you within your budget and requirements.  Please send us your email to:  canamjanitorial@gmail.com



For a free quote and a good quality service, please call:


*As a courtesy reminder, these PRICES and DESCRIPTIONS are subjected to change without notice


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