About our limited guarantee 


What if there is any problem to our service?


We are trying our very best to satisfy all our clients but sometimes, as you know, same as other business, (given our marginal profit on the vast majority of all our jobs and the nature of this cleaning business), it is just not possible and economical to please every one of our clients at any given time, because everybody's standards and expectations are different and sometimes, some of them are being so unrealistic, I hate to say that, when compared with the rest.  Fortunately, we have been very lucky because, based on our records, the vast majority of our clients are quite reasonable to us. 


Since we are charging our clients for our services by the hours and also paying our workers by the hours, if you think it is necessary to do so and usually, you only have to do it the first time, please make sure that, from beginning to end, you will try to monitor all the tasks; our worker's performance and check everything out at least 30 minutes before the job is finished and point out to our worker(s) any deficiencies immediately so that our worker(s) can finish the job properly and in time without incurring any extra cost to you.


(Please note however, that our workers are experienced and well trained and as a result, they can work independently without any supervision and they know how to do almost everything right to your satisfaction.)


For 30 minutes or less before the job is finished, it will give enough time for our worker(s) to correct most of the tasks that you are not satisfied with.


(For any client who is not able to be present in any cleaning job, please give us the Job's Descriptions with everything you need us to do for you so that our worker(s) can follow your instructions accordingly.)


Otherwise, after we leave your house and if we have to come back again to correct any problem for you, we have to charge you again.  You have to pay a minimum of $25.00 an hour for each worker. (plus a surcharge, if applicable.)  If more times are needed, the total charges will be calculated at $25.00 an hour x the number of hours x the number of workers required, plus a surcharge, if applicable. 


For regular cleaning jobs weekly or bi-weekly only, if we missed anything or did anything NOT to your satisfaction but it has to be reasonable, please let us know about the problem within 24 hours after the service was performed, we will try to correct it for you in our next trip by giving you up to 1 hour of extra service to fix that particular problem only at no extra cost to you but you still have to pay for the regular cleaning charges as usual.  There will not be any discount at all to our fees under any circumstances.


Please note that, in this cleaning business, it is very difficult for us to find a qualified worker who is capable and reliable to work for us, especially when we only ask the worker to work for us partime for few hours each day.   Consequently, regardless of the situations, whether it was the worker's fault or not for not doing the job right, we still have to pay our worker each time to do any cleaning job for our clients if we want to keep the worker working for us.   In addition, because of our marginal profit from most cleaning jobs, we just can not afford at all to send the worker back and not charge our clients.


Therefore, with all due respects, we need your co-operation and understanding if you want to see us around to help you out on cleaning from time to time.  We do not want to make any promise to you or anybody if we know it for fact that we just can not keep it.   Honestly, it is very difficult for us or anyone to give you "Full satisfaction guaranteed" these days on cleaning but we are trying very hard and our very best to meet with your satisfactions.