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Darren wilson
11-01-2008 10:08:15 PM CST
How to be a man! big hard man fight with yours fists,kick um when they fall down!? a true man is??? its so easy to laught its so easy to hate!it takes GUTTS TO BE GENTLE AND KIND!

Darren wilson
11-01-2008 10:01:59 PM CST
The credit crunch........... A double bed and a stalwart lover for sure,these are the riches of the poor... state of the uk oct 2008... nuff said!!!!!!!!!

10-18-2008 12:24:42 PM CST
I'm home.

Bengt Mikhailovich Ali Khan
07-28-2008 7:49:36 AM CST
Whoa! Congratulations on 10,000 hits, TSFO! Lets party!!!!! Lets Party!!!!

07-26-2008 3:40:32 AM CST

Sandy Shore
07-22-2008 7:28:55 PM CST

Stumbled across this site a couple of days ago - and I just can't tear myself away! Wow... Has just about everything a Smiths fan could possibly want. Really well organised and structured, very informative. I've learnt things about The Smiths I never knew before. There are other great Smiths sites out there, but this one has to be the best of all. A new benchmark. What more can I say?

05-21-2008 12:09:01 PM CST
hey great site im looking for vini reillys coment in morrissey..which he gave to soem newspaper in the erlay 90 ties "something along the line of "...psychic transformations/connection between morrissey and the fans ..its like being in love..you couldnt take your eyes off him on stage..." do you have his little comment here ?im sistasheila at moz solo..if you are a member there you can answer me there...if you dont want to post it in here

Terence Stomp
02-21-2008 01:00:16 am CST
Very close to being definitive. It's certainly one of the best sites about The Smiths on the net. Good stuff!

Shoeless child on a swing..
02-19-2008 03:58:20 am CST
I can only describe the moment I first found myself truly immersed in The Smiths, on that murky Monday afternoon, as if falling slowly through the eye of a precious but forgotten memory. I had heard this music before, but not like this. Not in words or lyrics, but in feelings...emotions....desires. And now, as if a waking gladiola exposed to a new existence, thrust into a state of inordinate self-manifestation, I begin to evolve -- into, and out of myself at the exact same moment. The sound, she envelops me, and to her I surrender. And I murmur beneath the soul and skin, with a less-than-bounteous grace, 'could life ever be sane again?' My education of The Smiths begins here, and the path is clearly glazed in an inimitable frost of knowledge, precision, and above all, passion. The introductions are personal and touching, the rest is utter heaven trapped in time, for which I cannot wait to die. Keep it up, I'll be back for more!

02-1-2008 04:40:04 am CST
A brilliant job! Well done.

02-1-2008 04:37:34 am CST

I have collected hundreds of photo's over the years, so is there anyway that I could send them to you as a photo section where fans can send in any pictures (old and recent)?

Pamela   pamelaschofield@aol.com
02-1-2008 04:30:15 am CST

Great website, although it will take me some hours to finish reading. I will wait till tonight and open a nice bottle of red wine!!

Oliver Cromwell   olie@iol.ie
01-31-2008 03:42:04 pm CST

Great Site. Fair play to a lot of hard work and research..

The Smiths Indeed   thesmithsindeed@hotmail.com
01-31-2008 02:38:15 pm CST

Remarkable. No need to leave the house this week.

01-6-2008 12:08:26 am CST
Well I am working my way through your Smiths site and it is absolutely fantastic!! Not only is it very well written but it is superbly sourced and completely informative. You should be proud of your site. You've done a remarkable job on a project that, if not executed well would have looked 2 star. You have a 5 star site that has done you real credit.

12-14-2007 04:42:23 pm CST
Jason, you are the wonder kind. Well Done. x E

Buck-toothed girl
10-11-2007 10:45:33 pm CDT
GREAT site! One of the best I've ever seen.

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